Delivered by: Ameirah AlHefeiti, Deputy Permanent Representative and Acting Chargé d’Affaires


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Madam President,

I would like to begin by thanking Ms. Wosorno for their thorough briefing, and I welcome the participation of His Excellency Mr. Ararat Mirzoyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, and the representatives of Armenia and Azerbaijan in this meeting.

The United Arab Emirates is closely following the evolving situation along the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan and has taken note of the letters sent in the past week on developments in the region – both from Armenia to the President of the Security Council, and from Azerbaijan to the Secretary-General. We also take note of the Secretary-General’s statement dated 2 August and appreciate his call to facilitate the passage of humanitarian aid to those in need. Furthermore, we acknowledge the role of the United Nations in providing humanitarian assistance as stipulated in General Assembly resolutions 46/182 and 58/114.

The UAE stresses the necessity of providing basic goods – such as food, medicine, and fuel – and ensuring that these items reach those in need, as well as necessary medical assistance and care in a timely manner. Moreover, we commend the efforts of the International Committee of the Red Cross, and we welcome the resumption of medical evacuations.

Madam President,

We remain concerned about the tensions between the two sides, and once again, we call on all parties to de-escalate and exercise restraint. It is imperative to avoid unilateral measures or rhetoric that could result in dire humanitarian consequences or impede the achievement of a lasting peace. 

Therefore, we call for the two parties to continue resolving their differences peacefully through dialogue and diplomatic means, in line with International Law, international norms, and the United Nations Charter.

In this context, the UAE encourages Armenia and Azerbaijan to continue engaging constructively and in good faith within the ongoing mediation efforts, which we hope will lay the foundation for a sustainable peace. We also welcome the ongoing talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and we look forward to seeing concrete steps in this direction.

Madam President,

Now is the time for peace. And through our open lines of communication with Armenia and Azerbaijan, the UAE will continue its support all efforts that promote stability, dialogue, and peaceful coexistence between the two countries.

Thank you, Madam President.