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The UAE welcomes the unanimous adoption of the resolution, which endorses the African Union Peace and Security Council’s decision to reconfigure AMISOM into the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS), while continuing its critical work in providing security assistance to Somalia.

This resolution is a result of extensive and constructive discussions between the Government of Somalia, the UN, the AU, and the EU, and as such, it reflects a broad consensus on the need for a reconfigured African Union mission in Somalia focused on enabling and supporting the Somali security transition. We commend the quartet for their unwavering commitment and engagement in this process. We also thank the UK, as the penholder of this resolution, and all the members of the Security Council for bringing this resolution to its adoption.

We note, however, that Somalia still faces many security challenges, key among them the incessant attacks by the terrorist group Al Shabab. These attacks not only pose security threats to Somalia – but also a transnational threat to the broader region. It is therefore important that today’s resolution recalls the key Security Council counter-terrorism resolutions, including resolution 1373. We reaffirm in this regard Member States’ obligations to prevent and counter Al Shabaab and other terrorist groups’ activities, wherever they operate, in compliance with these resolutions. These obligations are irrespective of a group’s listing under the Da’esh and Al Qaida sanctions regime.

The UAE supports efforts aimed at strengthening Somalia’s security institutions, which enable them to fight against Al-Shabab and to respond to other challenges. By endorsing this mandate, we hope that ATMIS will be able to support Somalia in its response to security threats and achieve stability in accordance with the needs and aspirations of its people.

To conclude, we would like to take this opportunity to commend the efforts and the sacrifices of AMISOM’s troops over the past 15 years, which contributed to building a safer and stabler Somalia. We also join other members of this Council in affirming our collective commitment to peace in Somalia.

Thank you.