Delivered By Khaula AlShamsi, First Secretary

Madam President,

I thank Mr. Ebo for his briefing today. We also listened to Mr. Katoub’s briefing.

Before I deliver my statement, I would like to reiterate the UAE’s calls for the need to use the time and resources of this Council wisely. This includes convening meetings that have a purpose and not limited to restating our traditional positions, which are already widely known to all in the absence of any developments. The Council should reassess the effectiveness of convening monthly meetings on chemical weapons in Syria. We must reach an agreement to hold such meetings once every three months unless significant developments warrant otherwise.

Regarding our discussion today, I would like to underscore the UAE’s position once again on this matter:

First, the UAE affirms the importance of maintaining dialogue between the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and Syria and ensuring that such dialogue is conducted in a constructive manner. In this context, we welcome the meeting held between these two sides in Beirut last June to discuss the twenty-fifth round of consultations and other outstanding issues that are pertinent to making progress on this file.

Second, the UAE underscores the necessity of giving significant attention to the threat of chemical terrorism. This is especially critical as Da’esh continues to carry out terrorist attacks, showing no hesitation in utilizing use any available means to achieve its objectives. The report issued by the Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team on Da’esh and Al-Qaeda last month confirmed that Da’esh continues to exploit northeast Syria as location for launching attacks, rebuilding its networks, recruiting fighters, and releasing its members from prison. This poses a serious threat – not only to the security and stability of Syria, but to the entire region.

In conclusion, the UAE again reiterates the importance of making tangible progress in the Syria chemical weapons file, as well as in all other files related to resolving the Syrian crisis.

Thank you, Madam President.