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Madam President,

Madam President, At the outset, I would like to thank Mr. Mankeur Ndiaye, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative and Head of MINUSCA, His Excellency Mr. Bertino Matias Matondo, AU Special Representative and Head of the AU Office in C.A.R., and Mr. João Samuel Caholo, Executive Secretary of the ICGLR, for their insightful briefing. We also welcome the participation of Madame Sylvie Baïpo-Temon, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Francophonie and Central Africans abroad, in this meeting.

Madam President, I would like to convey my country’s support for efforts aimed at de-escalating tensions in the Central African Republic. C.A.R. is witnessing instability and deteriorating humanitarian and economic conditions, and in that context, I would like to make the following points:

Madam President,

First, achieving a sustainable and lasting peace in C.A.R. requires, primarily, a full commitment to the ceasefire. In this regard, we regret that the announcement by President Faustin Touadéra of “a unilateral ceasefire” last October was not respected, and that armed groups have continued to launch attacks, exacerbating the humanitarian and security situation in the C.A.R.

Second, engaging in a robust and inclusive political dialogue, as well as implementing the 2019 Peace Agreement and the Luanda roadmap, remains critical to peace, security and sustainable development in the country. We hope that regional efforts continue to contribute to peace in the country and help make tangible progress in the implementation of the agreement, including through continued dialogue between the authorities of C.A.R, and Angola and Rwanda, as guarantors of the ICGLR’s Luanda roadmap.

Further, I would like to note that we must strive to empower women and youth, to effectively contribute to the peace process. To this end, we commend MINUSCA’s efforts in fostering full, equal, and meaningful participation of women in the upcoming local elections.

Third, we stress the importance of improving and developing policies aimed at protecting civilians, particularly children and women, given the alarming escalation in violence, including sexual and gender-based violence. This is despite the sustained efforts of MINUSCA to prevent and respond to conflict-related sexual violence.

Finally, my country is greatly concerned by the increase in the number of people in need of protection and humanitarian assistance in C.A.R.. We call on all parties to the conflict to guarantee humanitarian access and to refrain from attacks on humanitarian personnel and peacekeepers. My country condemns and deplores such attacks.

Madam President,

The Government’s continued efforts to explore economic and financial partnerships are critical to addressing both the economic recovery and long-term peace and stability. The UAE will continue to provide the necessary support.

Furthermore, it is essential that we continue to support regional and international efforts aimed at achieving peace and stability in C.A.R, and subsequently, the region as a whole.

Thank you.