Hosting the World

Rich in history, art and architecture, cuisine, and natural beauty, the UAE is one of the world’s fastest growing destinations. We are a global convener and a world-class venue for conferences, regional and international exhibitions, and major sports events. 

Every year, Dubai hosts the World Government Summit, a global platform exploring how technology and innovation will shape future governments. Abu Dhabi’s Sustainability Week brings together the best minds from policy, technology, and other fields focused on climate change and sustainable development. 

In October 2021, Expo 2020 opened in Dubai, making it the first-ever World Expo held in the region and one of the most sustainable World Expos to date. Expo 2020 engaged 24 million visitors and featured pavilions from 192 countries.

Expo 2020 also celebrated the United Nations, showcasing its continued relevance in addressing global challenges through a dedicated space and 6-month program of events celebrating its history and the people it serves.

Innovation as a Way of Life

As a hub for transportation, commerce, and ideas, we are a melting pot of innovators and creative thinkers from around the world. To harness this potential, we have developed a National Innovation Strategy to encourage transformative work in renewable and clean energy, transportation, technology, education, health, water, and outer space.

To spur these innovations, we have built state-of-the-art technology accelerators like Abu Dhabi’s Hub71 and Dubai’s Area 2071, designed to help entrepreneurs, investors, academics, and policymakers collaborate. We hope to transfer these innovations to the global policy sphere through our work at the United Nations by encouraging greater public-private coordination.

This innovative spirit helped us build the first space program in our region. In July 2020, the UAE became the first Arab nation to launch a mission to Mars. The Emirates Mars probe – “Al Amal,” or “Hope”– entered the planet’s atmosphere in 2021, the UAE’s 50th anniversary. The Hope probe will serve as Mars’ first weather satellite, collecting data to help scientists around the world better understand the planet’s atmospheric changes and climate cycles.

Creating Opportunity for the Next Generation 

We believe opportunity should be limitless and universal. In our relatively short history, we have created educational and economic opportunities for millions of Emiratis and others from around our region.

For the last eight years, Arab youth have named the UAE as the top place they would like to live and work. The largest private education provider in the Middle East, the UAE’s Center of Excellence for Applied Research and Training (CERT) attracts students from around the region with educational, training, and applied technology instruction.

The United Arab Emirates University maintains strategic partnerships with more than 60 international institutions from 25 countries. The UAE is also home to satellite campuses of acclaimed universities such as Harvard University, New York University, the Sorbonne Université, the National Law School of India, and Synergy, Russia’s largest private university.

The UAE’s programs and ambitions are also training grounds for our youth. The majority of Emirati workers on the Hope Probe – the UAE’s mission to Mars – are under 35 years old.